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Hello, I’m Linda, Welcome to my world

It’s Fabulous to see you here today

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A Snapshot of me

I was born in England UK, Western Australia has been my wonderful adopted home of over thirty years. With my family now all living overseas, I have taken a U-Turn and spend a great deal of time travelling the world, with occasional return visits home to OZ.

Personally and professionally I’ve worn many hats ~ Early Childhood Educator, Music Promoter, Personal Assistant and Children’s Entertainer (to name a few). On all levels my life has been and still is,  a tapestry of vastly varying tones and texture, from vivid blasts of colour to smoggy blurs, lightening into subtle ethereal glimmering hues.

In the HERE and NOW, all the pieces of my existence on this wonderful planet, fit together beautifully, as I step into this next exciting chapter of my life. Everything that has gone before solidifies my stance now as an Advocate and Mentor for Mental Health. 

I am the Author of the upcoming book ‘INSIDE, LOOKING OUT – My Journey with Mental Health and Sensitive Awakening’. I share my lived experience, not only to help people struggling with mental issues but also to raise awareness and bring better understanding for families, friends and the wider community to help reduce STIGMA of Mental Illness.

Why MUD to STARS  ?

Between 1993 and 2009, I had three episodes of mental illness with traumatic admission to hospital psychiatric wards. In the aftermath of the second episode I struggled with severe anxiety and panic attacks.  I followed a regime of prescribed medication and also began meditating daily, I made a conscious decision to avoid the news and violent TV shows and started using a strategy to help change my disturbing thoughts and replace them with positive ones,  the method I used was based on The Mental Diet by Emmet Fox. The method I used felt silly at first, I had a few relapses but was determined to persevere, every single day focussing on changing each destructive thought that reared its ugly head.  I likened the process to being stuck in the MUD and reaching for the STARS. After a few weeks, I began to notice subtle changes and a lift in my mood. I gradually felt a returned zest for life.  Within twelve months, my thought shifting had become an automatic habit,  this subconscious switch changed my mind and redirected my life. 

A Few Years Later…

In 1998, while facilitating a Personal Development workshop at my local Community Centre, someone asked if I had any helpful tips for anxiety and panic attacks ? I replied that I did. That night, I began to format a new program which I called MUD to STARS ~ Empowering Personal Change. 

Over the years I have adapted the outline of the workshops to cater to a variety of ages and situations,  including children, youth, seniors and women returning to work.

23 Years Later.. Now 

Who I am today and my relentless positive take on life is TESTAMENT to our ability to re-program our brain AND maintain a healthy and positive mindset.

Mental Health STIGMA…

There is huge STIGMA surrounding Mental Health and the subject of mental illness is often danced around in conversation or avoided completely. This lack of sensitivity and understanding only exacerbates the silent plight of those struggling with mental issues.

Talking About The ELEPHANT in THE ROOM

Our Mental Health - Elephant

LET’S TALK about the Elephant in the room – our MENTAL HEALTH ~ everyone benefits in an environment where it is safe and acceptable to share our feelings freely and openly and Children will learn by our example to recognise the inter-connectedness of our entire being and the importance of nurturing our physical and mental wellness with equal value.

Mental Illness is a lonely, silent disease which can suddenly affect anyone, at any age, at any time.   THANK YOU for supporting my endeavors to raise Mental Health Awareness.

Reaching OUT and Reaching IN ~ Can Save A Life

 ♥ Linda 

I am a proud member of The Wellness Universe – an inspiring community of caring, passionate people from all corners of the world ~ each, in their own way creating a positive impact and increasing wellness for humanity and the planet.

Find me in the DIRECTORY of World-Changers

listed under: Intellectual Wellness / Mental Health  http://bit.ly/2jGOQlg_LindaGillan_WU_MentalHealth_WorldChangers_Directory

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